About Ashton



The Ashton brand was established in 1997 and has grown and developed significantly since that time.  We pride ourselves on the quality of Ashton products, which is unparalleled in the brand's range of products on offer, which is why we're sold all over the world!  The range is all about encouraging participation in music - we aspire to make music accessible and appealing to everyone, irrespective of their skill level, we have a range for everyone.  We value what our customers have to say, and incorporate the feedback we receive into new models to stay in touch with current musical trends.

Our instruments are designed with providing great value and quality in mind - with 20 years of experience under our belt, we are committed to ensuring that our customers get the best value for their money and are now offering an extended warranty - for which you can register online - because we stand behind our products. 


At Ashton, the quest for audio excellence never ends. We know how important a great sound is, which is why we put so much time and effort into the research and development of our products.
Creating quality instruments with superb sound is an art and a science. Our designers start with a clear idea of how an instrument – or amplifier, should sound, & work methodically backwards from there.  Materials and components are selected for what they can contribute to the tone and character of a guitar, rather than the guitar sounding a particular way simply because of the parts that have been used.
If the sound isn’t smooth enough, could do with more grunt or is in need of some killer sustain, our technicians and engineers will put in the extra time to fine-tune a design until it is hitting all the right notes. We are extremely lucky that our designers are also accomplished musicians, so you can be sure they know the right notes to play.
Our range of guitars, drums, ukes and accessories are designed in consultation with highly qualified musicians from around the world. Their years of industry knowledge and hands-on experience are one of the biggest assets we have when it comes to crafting our products.  By listening to and learning from today’s experts, we aim to deliver reliable, quality equipment at affordable prices.


Ashton products are sold all over the world through a network of distributors with whom we have worked with for many years developing the brand in their respective countries. We also have a dedicated sales team looking for market opportunities and sourcing great product options - they continue to make it their mission to provide you with the best service and advice possible.

In Australia, Ashton products can be found in over 180 retail stores and online.  Our team pride ourselves on working with stores on product development and learning more about what the customer is looking for.

To become an Ashton dealer contact us today, or to order one of our Ashton products please click here to find the list of stockists that can help you.


Our Marketing Team has recently expanded, which is seeing a new invigorated approach to making sure we have quality imagery, and a refreshed new brand in all aspects of our range including this new website, updated packaging, materials and a great range of new products coming - and the team is excited!
Having a dedicated Marketing Team means that when you're looking for assistance, or to run a dedicated campaign we are keen to help. From media enquiries, or design opportunities anywhere in the world, we are happy to discuss how we can support your local activities.

Our promise with Ashton going forward is to provide a unique platform for all stakeholders of the latest and current information, images, lessons and social media collateral that the Ashton team will be developing. Please go to our support page for manual downloads, lesson guides and more.


Ashton has a dedicated service team in-house who deal with all customer sales enquires, returns and product repairs. We are delighted to now offer extended warranties on all Ashton products - that's how much we really believe in the quality of what we're putting out into the market! 

Constantly building on research and development around our consolidated product ranges over the past twenty years in the business - our team enjoys finding ways to ensure better quality options from fittings to machine heads.  Remember to register online here, to receive your Extended Warranty for complete peace of mind.