Ashton has been produced musical instruments since 1997.  With over 20 years of making music and encouraging participation in musical activities for all ages across a range of instruments, we have shown our passion in creating quality products at an affordable price.

Ashton products are serviced by a network of service agents all around Australia and worldwide by our international distributors.  Go into the retailer which the instrument was purchased from and they can tell you in the first instance whether they can assist you or whether they need to request assistance from our service network.

We stand behind our products at Ashton.  The best way to show our customers that was to provide an Extended Warranty offer that you can register online for.  There is an extended warranty internationally of 2 years, and in Australia there is an extended warranty of 3 years.  Go to our Extended Warranty Page to register your product now.  The warranty is valid from the original purchase date and terms and conditions apply.

Ashton is proud to work a network of international distributors, as well as a majority of the retailers across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.  Working with retail and distribution partners allows us to focus on the research and development according to the feedback we get from our partners to continue to make great products.

Ashton sells to businesses that we feel will represent our brands in a proud and professional manner.  We work with our partners to ensure proper support is given from sales and training, marketing of products and technologies and excellent after service care in our dedicated onsite service department and qualified service partners.  If you would like to become an Ashton international distributor or retailer, please contact us and tell us more about what your business has to offer and why you would like to work with us.